Rarity Sniper

10% Rarity Sniper

Rarity Tools

15% Rarity Tools

Airdrop 10 Ghoulies to holders

20% Airdrop 10 Ghoulies to holders

Ghoulverine 1:1 Airdrop

25% Ghoulverine 1:1 Airdrop

Underverse Vault Event #1

30% Underverse Vault Event #1

Floor Sweep

40% Floor Sweep

Underverse Vault Event #2

50% Underverse Vault Event #2

Merch Drop

60% Merch Drop

Underverse Vault Event #3

70% Underverse Vault Event #3

OG Ghoulie 1:1 Sketch Charity Auction

80% OG Ghoulie 1:1 Sketch Charity Auction

Legendary Ghoulies Fan art Comp

90% Legendary Ghoulies Fan art Comp

NFT Comic Issue 1 & 2

100% NFT Comic Issue 1 & 2

Project roadmap

Battle for the Underverse


The Ghoulies are a collection of 10,001 Unique, Gamified and Story Driven NFTs on the POLYGON blockchain. Ownership includes creative & commercial rights of your Ghoulie + Future utility with the game release.

The Ghoulies on POLYGON will rise late November 2021.

150 MATIC + gas

Ghoulies will be available for purchase on our website through Metamask. At the time of purchase, a randomly generated Ghoulie will be minted on the blockchain and delivered to your Opensea account and wallet.

Each Ghoulie is randomly generated by combining over 140 hand drawn assets with varying rarities (Skull Design, Backgrounds, Bodies, Teeth, Eyes, Hats, Accessories and Stats for future game utility.

They are bodies taken from the Underverse and reanimated to fit the needs of the underverse lords. Ghoulies are seen as extremely docile and friendly although can be vicious when needed to defend.

These little creatures were created purely for labour duties. To help build the Underverse cities, to become mindless soldiers in the countless wars, even acting as servants.

The Ghoulies know no other life than to serve, that is until they were released and adopted in the mortal realm.They have an intense fascination with pop culture which they have adopted into their own personalities.

The true power of a Ghoulie has yet to be determined as they have always been controlled and shackled to the Underverse lords.

The Ghoulies are more than a unique Avatar project with great art. With the release of the Soul Forged expansion on POLYGON the Ghoulies will have huge gamified utility. Game details, mechanics and ecosystem reveal soon.

Download the Metamask extension for Google Chrome. Buy MATIC on an exchange like Coinbase, Binance or Coinspot, etc and send it to your Metamask MATIC Wallet Public Address. Connect your Metamask Wallet to our website by clicking on the Chrome extension icon at the top-right of the browser (it looks like a Fox) while on our website. You can switch to the Matic Mainnet at the top of your Metamask App. Click “Buy Now” on our website and approve the transaction on Metamask.